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In this tense, late 1960s biker film, one man makes a stand against a sadistic motorcycle gang when the community and even the police fail to help him. Paul Collier (Cameron Mitchell) is an architect who is planning to propose to his pregnant girlfriend Karen (Diane Ladd), but plans abruptly change when a simple trip to the beach becomes a menacing confrontation between Collier and a biker gang named the Rebels. It all begins when Paul runs into an old high school buddy, J.J. (Bruce Dern), who has unfortunately fallen in with the gang. When the rest of the bikers arrive, led by Bunny (Jack Nicholson), they take one look at Paul's girlfriend Karen and immediately claim her as their own. J.J. suggests they have drag races to determine who Karen will belong to, promising to let her go free if Paul wins. Desperate and outnumbered, Paul turns to the community and attempts to round up citizens to help him get Karen back, but he ultimately fails. Now Karen's fate lies in his hands alone, and if Paul hopes to get her back safe and unharmed, he must face the vicious Rebels alone.

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