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DELINQUENT SCHOOLGIRLS: Our protagonists in this K-Mart budgeted cinematic carrion are escapees from an insane asylum! One is an ex-baseball player turned rapist, another is gay, and the ringleader is a low-rent impressionist. When they stumble upon an all-girls school, antisocial behavior with these siliconed 'students' ensues, but with a twist - the busty babes know karate! DREAM NO EVIL: Don't pay any attention to the turtleneck-sweatered snobs who demand that the negative to this classic be burned. However, it does have a script, even if it appears to have been written as they filmed. The movie is about a deranged young woman searching for her father, and every time the continuity becomes too confusing a narrator comes on to save the day with 'explanations'. With lines like, "your duck is bleeding really badly," you can't pass this up! FROM THE ORIGINAL 35mm WIDESCREEN NEGATIVES.

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