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A $10,000 prize for the person who establishes the true identity of notorious fugitive safecracker, Jimmy Valentine, turns a pleasant suburban town into a madhouse, as reporters, treasure-hunters and glory-seekers descend. Eager to collect the reward, ad-man Mike Jason arrives with his old flame Cleo Arden. But the light-hearted quest turns into a terrifying nightmare when dead bodies start turning up. Someone is determined to derail the search for Jimmy Valentine and prevent the shocking truth from coming to light. 1942's Unforgotten Crime, originally released as The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine, stars Brewster's Millions star Dennis O'Keefe and features effective film-noir cinematography by John Alton. Director Bernard Vorhaus would team up with Alton again in Bury Me Dead (1947) and The Spiritualist (1948).

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ALP5917 Unforgotten Crime DVD (1941/Dennis O'Keefe) $5.99