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Sensual Dragon Lady Carney (Evelyn Brent) poses as a simple geisha during the day, but commands the Tong's crime army by night. She and her men hold Chinatown in a stranglehold of opium, vice and contraband. Bribery and assassination keep the local politicians at bay. When the Tong draw unwanted attention from the local newspapers, Carney seeks a patsy to take the fall for her gangster syndicate. She settles on notorious ex-con Gallagher, who, fresh from his release from prison, heads west to join forces with the Tong. What Carney does not know is that Gallagher has been replaced by a look-alike undercover FBI man. As Carney and Gallagher plan their elaborate doublecross, the fate of Chinatown hangs in the balance. The career of renowned silent film star Evelyn Brent was almost at its end when she appeared in this Metropolitan production. She is best remembered for her starring roles in such Josef Von Sternberg classics as The Dragnet (1928), Last Command (1928) and Underworld (1927).

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ALP4799 Daughter of the Tong DVD (1939/Evelyn Brent) $5.99