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Jesse James has set upon the plains, robbing trains and filling the newspapers with his exploits. His ability to escape justice forces the government to offer a $50,000 reward for his capture and every sheriff and bounty hunter in the west is on his trail. Roy Rogers, skeptical of James' exploits - robbing Minnesota one day and Missouri the next - begins his own investigation of the facts. When a massive bank robbery is blamed on Jesse James, Roy and Gabby set out to find the crook and join his gang in order to unravel the truth. When a greedy railroad detective intent on claiming the reward spots Roy riding with the criminal, Rogers is faced with the task of clearing his name and seeing justice served. Full of heart-pounding gunfights and action-packed chase scenes, The Days of Jesse James is an early entry in the career of Roy Rogers.

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ALP4714 Days of Jesse James DVD (1939/Roy Rogers) $5.99