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Handsome Emilio Cervantes has come to the South American nation of El Tovar as a representative for the International Export Company to discuss a major deal with Presidente Larendon. One look at Larendon's beautiful daughter Carmelita, however, and business becomes the last thing on Emilio's mind. What Emilio doesn't realize is that his firm is actually in the arms-dealing business. His boss, "Ace" Carney, plans to stir up trouble between El Tovar and the neighboring nation of Caracon, so that he can sell weapons to both sides. The long-simmering tensions between El Tovar and Caracon begin to erupt in violence. With the help of a bumbling newspaper reporter, who's developed his own fondness for El Tovar's culture ? especially its beer ? Emilio embarks on a risky, hilarious plan to thwart his own company and save the land, and the woman, he's come to love. South of Panama is a spicy slapstick comedy with a surprisingly relevant and contemporary political angle, even more than 80 years since it was first made.

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