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Denise: The Saga Continues - Airdate: 9/21/1989 - Denise returns from Africa, with a new husband and stepdaughter. Surf's Up - Airdate: 9/28/1989 - After recreating one of Cliff's adventures in college, Theo and his roommates are kicked out of their apartment. I'm 'In' With the 'In' Crowd - Airdate: 10/5/1989 - Airdate: Vanessa and her friends get drunk playing a drinking game. Denise Kendall: Navy Wife - Airdate: Airdate: 10/12/1989 - Denise forgets to respond to a letter from the Navy and confirm that she and Martin want housing on the naval base. Theo's Gift - Airdate: 10/19/1989 - Theo is diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disability which contributed to the academic problems he has had over the years. Denise Kendall: Babysitter - Airdate: 10/26/1989 - Denise and Olivia babysit Winnie and Nelson. Shall We Dance? - Airdate: 11/2/1989 - Rudy and one of her classmates have a crush on each other. The Day the Spores Landed - Airdate: 11/9/1989 - Cliff dreams that men worldwide have become pregnant. Cliff's Wet Adventure - Airdate: 11/16/1989 - Denise invites Martin's ex-wife Paula for Thanksgiving dinner meanwhile Clair continues to send Cliff to the store for last-minute groceries. Grampy and Nu-Nu Visit the Huxtable's - Airdate: 11/30/1989 - Martin's parents come for a visit. Cliff la Dolce - Airdate: 12/7/1989 - Cliff is in charge while Clair and Denise are out of town. Getting to Know You - Airdate: 12/14/1989 - As Christmas approaches, Cliff and Martin start getting to know each other better. Elvin Pays for Dinner - Airdate: 1/4/1990 - Elvin takes two female college friends to dinner to reminisce and Sondra becomes very upset. Cliff's Nightmare - Airdate: 1/11/1990 - Cliff has a dream that includes the Muppets. Denise Kendall: Singles Counselor - Airdate: 1/18/1990 - Denise causes trouble while trying to help Vanessa get a date. The Birthday Party - Airdate: 1/25/1990 - Olivia's fourth birthday arrives. Not Everybody Loves the Blues - Airdate: 2/1/1990 - Theo thinks about proposing to Justine. Rudy's Walk on the Wild Side - 2/8/1990 - Rudy steals money from Clair to buy a sweatshirt. Mr. Sandman - 2/15/1990 - Rudy is forced to take tap dancing lessons for a school project. Isn't It Romantic? - 2/22/1990 - Cliff, Elvin and Martin secretly compete to determine who the most romantic husband in the Huxtable family is and try to find the best gift but it has to be under twenty-five dollars. Theo's Dirty Laundry - Airdate: 3/15/1990 - Cliff and Clair discover that Theo has moved in with Justine. What's It All About? - Airdate: 3/22/1990 - Clair is burned out from work and family pressures and hurries off to a cabin resort Cliff's doctor friend suggested. Off to See the Wretched - Airdate: 4/5/1990 - Vanessa and her friends sneak out of town to attend a concert in Baltimore, but encounter huge problems along the way. Afterwards, she must face the wrath of Cliff and an infuriated Clair. The Moves - Airdate: 4/19/1990 - The Huxtable's next door neighbor Jeffrey Engalls reinvents himself after his divorce for a lovely friend of Clair's. Live and Learn - Airdate: 4/26/1990 - Denise wants to become a teacher... without finishing college. The Storyteller - Airdate: 5/3/1990 - Cliff's 98 year old aunt comes to visit the family.

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