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One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing A RAF bomber is shot down on a raid over occupied Holland. The crew is able to bail out, but they are stranded in hostile territory, surrounded by the German Army which has virtually enslaved the country. Fortunately, the fugitives are picked up by the Dutch underground, who risk their lives and overcome tremendous obstacles in an attempt to help the British escape to freedom. Nominated for two Oscars (screenplay and special effects), this stirring World War II bomber saga is one of the best of its' kind, with credit going to the powerhouse writer/producer/director team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressberger. Future Academy Award winning director David Lean contributes fine work as editor. We Dive t Dawn After several months' heavy war duty, the crew of the British submarine Sea Tiger is enjoying a much-deserved leave, when suddenly they're called back to active duty. Sub commander John Mills has been ordered to pursue and sink the formidable German battleship Brandenburg. A series of nailbiting seaborne perils, each one more life-threatening than the last, awaits the Sea Tiger as Mills endeavors to carry out his orders.

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EDI63163 One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing/Spitfire/We Dive At Dawn (1942/43) $9.99