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Si Haller (Gabby Hayes), an old time prospector, and war hero Ted Garner (Bob Steele) stumble upon a corpse in the desert. The dead man bears a note begging the finder to protect his niece, June Collins (Nancy Drexel). Ted and Si decide to meet the girl, due to arrive on the next mail plane. Carrying a payroll, the plane is shot down and ambushed by robbers. The pair manage to rescue June and the pilot, but the bandits get away. Questioning the wounded flier, Ted suspects that local gangster Ken Kincaid (Harry Semels) and his henchmen are behind the robbery attempt. Certain the outlaws will try it again, Ted and Si lure the raiders into another plane holdup, this one rigged to lead to their capture. The scheme goes awry when June becomes Kincaid's hostage. Ted is now forced to choose between saving her life and bringing the gunman to justice in a violent confrontation.

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ALP4906 Texas Buddies DVD (1932/Bob Steele) $5.99