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Stolen cattle and angry threats are driving two rival ranch owners to the brink of a vicious range war. Heroic Johnny Macklin rides into town and he is soon caught up in the dispute. Macklin is convinced that the homesteaders are being played against each other by the town's crooked sheriff, who has plans for their property. After the sheriff learns that Johnny is investigating the heated struggle, Macklin is framed for murder. Johnny's only chance to stop the bloodshed and restore his honor is to escape from jail and prove to the ranchers that the sheriff is the culprit. A sleek, low-budget western produced by Monogram, Code of the Saddle features sharp, commanding direction by veteran Thomas Carr, who also directed many episodes of the classic "Superman" television series.

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ALP4869 Code Of The Saddle DVD (1947/Johnny Mack Brown) $5.99