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Judy Dean's father is brutally murdered as he rides to the Government Claims Office to register a lost gold mine he has rediscovered. Her faithful German shepherd, Kazan, is the only witness. Sergeant Kinkaid's investigation leads to Boone Jackson, Judy's fiance. But lacking solid evidence, Kinkaid will need help from Kazan if he is to put the killer behind bars and prevent him from marrying his victim's daughter. A Rin Tin Tin rival, Kazan the Wonder Dog gets top billing in this Principal Pictures Corporation production. Silent star Jack Perrin, here billed as Richard Terry, kept busy in the 30's in B-westerns and continued making films up until 1960.

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ALP6381 Jaws of Justice DVD (1933/Jack Perrin/Kazan the Wonder Dog $14.95 $5.99