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Interviews, monologues, and hilariously insightful vignettes written by Robert Crumb are woven together to portray the life, work, and obsessions of this underground comic book pioneer. Crumb used comic books as a confessional for the perverse fantasies and visions that he formed in reaction to a hostile world. As a child, Crumb avidly read and began to create comic books with his brothers-and ever since-his style has continued to evolve. From the time he emerged among the hippies at Haight and Ashbury streets in San Francisco, right on through the present, Crumb continues as an iconoclast who's loved, hated, feared and misunderstood by an ever growing number of readers. The Confessions of Robert Crumb tells the story of the incredible artistry that shocks and satirizes every strata and dark hole of society.

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