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"Splendid horsemanship and rapid action on the part of Art Mix, Cowboy Star, dominate the historic film drama The Old Oregon Trail. Art Mix, an independent producer, an actor schooled on the western plains and having accurate knowledge of places and events of the early day, give him an opportunity that makes this picture most realistic. Many fine comments were made during the showing of this film on Mix's ability in portraying the life of Oregon's early days." -- from the original 1928 press book Director Victor Adamson's The Old Oregon Trail features spectacular location photography with Adamson himself playing the role of "Calamity Joe." A rodeo champion in New Zealand, Adamson became a busy director and actor in the silent era, often using the name "Art Mix" or "Denver Dixon." His son was renowned low-budget exploitation director Al Adamson.

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ALP6427 Old Oregon Trail / Revenge On The Range DVD (1928/1925) $5.99