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THE FIGHTING SEABEES - All-American hero John Wayne takes a crew of construction workers and turns them into one of WWII's toughest fighting forces in this action-packed war classic. After having convinced the Army brass to let his civilians bear arms, Wedge Donovan ( Wayne) whips his new troops into combat shape. But when he leads his unit in an all-out assault against the Japanese, Donovan is brought up on court-martial charges and must fight for his life on a new battlefield. THE FIGHTING SEABEES offers an entertaining combination of strong supporting performances by Daniel O'Keefe and ravishing, about-to-be-superstar Susan Hayward; brawling, big budget action sequences; and an Oscar-nominated score- all of which led Leonard Maltin to give "3 stars" to this spirited saga turned box office bonanza. WAKE OF THE RED WITCH - John Wayne battles enemies above and below the waves - including a giant killer octopus. This sprawling epic adventure pits the tough-minded Captain Ralls (John Wayne) against the treacherous Captain Sidney (Luther Adler) in a bitter rivalry on a South Seas isle. At stake is a fortune in pearls hidden in an underwater cave. At risk is the hand of the beautiful Angelique (Gail Russell), daughter of Desiax, the tyrant ruler of the island who plans to marry her off to Sidney. In an attempt to rescue Angelique, Ralls must seize the pearls and exchange them for her freedom. The danger continues as fate holds one final test of strength and bravery for the bold Captain and the woman he loves.

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Special Features * The Fighting Seabees: * Full screen version * Mono audio * Cast and crew information * Production notes * Digitally mastered * * Wake of the Red Witch: * Full screen version * 2.0 Dolby Surround * Digitally mastered

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