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Cowpuncher Bill Harris rides into town to infiltrate the gang of thieves who killed his brother. He immediately gets into a fight with hard-nosed Fred Palmer and after beating each other senseless, the two pledge to be pals. Palmer is a gunman for the gang led by Don Salinas, the man Bill believes murdered his brother. Bill gets himself hired by Salinas, who realizes that his new hand is a traitor. Palmer is now ordered to gun down his new friend. Unrelated to the fabled American frontiersman, Bill Cody capitalized on his name to star in B-Western productions for three decades most notably Frontier Days (1934), The Vanishing Riders (1935) and Lawless Border (1935). Franklyn Farnum appeared in over 400 productions and has the distinction of appearing in six Academy Award winners for Best Picture.

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ALP5924 Border Guns DVD (1934/Bob Cody) $5.99