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It isn’t a great day for San Francisco cab driver and aspiring rock musician Daniel Pinsky. His first fare of the day just got casually bumped off at a red light. Another hit man took a nosedive while trying to break in Pinsky’s upper-story window. Now he’s a murder suspect – all because of a monkey trained to keypunch a formula that can blow up the world. Robby Benson merrily invades the world of espionage in the comedy thriller Die Laughing. As Pinsky, he must cope with a circus of Russian spies, a scarfaced killer in a cowboy hat and a computer genius scheming to blow up the Statue of Liberty. Working behind the camera, Benson co-produced, co-scripted, composed five original songs and did most of his stunts, making Die Laughing one lively caper!

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WAA38443 Die Laughing DVD (1980/Robby Benson) $19.95