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Newspaper boy Jimmy Dolan has high hopes for his horse, Mike - to race him and win enough money to build a new Boys Club. Now that Colonel Whitley, an owner of racing thoroughbreds, has moved into the area, it looks as though his dreams have a chance to come true. A gang of crooks have other plans for Mike, and soon Jimmy receives the devastating news that his uncle has gone broke and must sell the horse. Evil gangsters, courage and plain old good luck collide as The Great Mike races to a photo finish! The Great Mike was well received on its release and garnered positive reviews for the comic performance of Carl Switzer, best known as "Alfalfa" from the 1930's "Our Gang" series. While never matching his childhood success, he continued to work steadily with bit parts in films like Going My Way (1944), It's a Wonderful Life (1946) and Pat and Mike (1952). Just after appearing in a small role in Stanley Kramer's The Defiant Ones (1958), 32 year-old Switzer was shot and killed in a fight over a $50 debt.

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ALP4939 Great Mike DVD (1944/Stuart Erwin) $5.99