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Go Get 'Em Haines(1935, B&W): Corrupt businessman John Graham has swindled a millionaire into destitution, absconding with his fortune. Newspaperman Steve Haines is on his way to a ballgame when he stumbles on what he believes to be Graham's trail. Bribing his way onto the posh, European-bound ocean liner, Steve manages to get the scoop, but his clever sleuthing ends with a brutal murder. Now a prime suspect with nowhere to run, Steve must ferret out the real killers and establish an alibi for the crime he did not commit. Go-Get-'Em Haines is a tabloid murder mystery/comedy featuring a non-cowboy performance from William "Bill" Boyd. Boyd's career spanned both the silent and sound eras, and after appearing in dozens of romantic silent films, he won enduring fame as clean-cut cowboy Hopalong Cassidy. Starring Bill Boyd. Directed by Sam Newfield. 10 Laps To Go(1937, B&W): Playboy Larry Evans is a race car driver whose bitter rivalry with fellow racer DeSylva threatens to erupt into violence. When Larry begins an affair with rich girl Norma Corbett, DeSylva plots to take Larry out of the running once and for all. Directed by prolific actor/director/producer Elmer C. Clifton, Ten Laps To Go is a thrilling sprint to a shocking finish. Starring Duncan Renaldo, Rex Lease. Directed by Elmer Clifton.

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