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Genie of Darkness is probably the best of the goofy four-part Nostradamus series (which also includes Blood of Nostradamus, Curse of Nostradamus and Monster Demolisher), cobbled together from a lengthy 1960 Mexican serial and badly re-dubbed for its U.S. release. This installment finds the legendary seer reborn Phoenix-like from his own ashes to do battle with his vampiric descendant (German Robles), whose demise at the conclusion of the previous film has proven less than permanent. This chapter benefits slightly from superior editing and an interesting collection of subplots (particularly Robles' doomed romantic fling with a lovely actress) as well as a stronger emphasis on Gothic atmosphere, but suffers from the same meager production values that weakened the other three chapters.

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NOS3079 Genie Of Darkness VHS (1962/German Robles) $19.99