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"The sky looks sweet and wears a pretty blue dress...and when she gets you up there, she knocks you right down." So says crack test pilot jim Lane (Clark Gable) of the mythical woman in the clouds who calls to him. And so he returns, time after time, challenging the odds, knowing that one day his turn will come. While boasting an array of spine~tingling and realistic flying sequences, Test Pilot's true effectiveness lies in its intelligent balancing of the spectacular with the human drama. Romance, humor, pathos, love and friendship blend with excitement in telling the story of a test pilot's life and its effect on those who love him. Gable's excellent performance is matched by that of Myrna Loy as his young wife and Spencer Tracy as his mechanic and best friend. Director Victor Fleming (Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of 02) was renowned for setting his stories against adventurous backgrounds, while never allowing the action to overshadow the inner drama. Test Pilot is perfect testimony to this rare blend of high action and deep emotion.

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WAA500737 Test Pilot DVD (1938/Clark Gable/Myrna Loy) $21.99