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A little more complicated but no less intelligent than the first season, the animated Gargoyles: Season 2, Volume 1 follows the further adventures of the ancient Scots clan of gargoyles relocated to modern Manhattan and freed from a curse that had turned them to stone. Still sworn to protect their new, adopted city while dealing with the underhanded, sometimes criminal machinations of the man who lifted the curse--billionaire Xanatos (voice by Jonathan Frakes)--gargoyles leader Goliath (Keith David) and his fellow misfits cope with consequences of some very modern problems (genetic engineering, pirate television) as well as some from the days of magic (time travel, evil spells). In the 26 episodes in this boxed set (half the content of season 2), Xanatos is particularly busy cooking up mischief--some of which goes very wrong, such as the forced metamorphosis of several kidnapped humans into winged monsters, an experiment conducted by one of the mad scientists working in his labs. A couple of multi-part stories, such as "City of Stone," in which New York's inhabitants are turned to stone under a dark spell, and "Avalon," in which Goliath ventures into King Arthur territory, enrich and anchor season 2 with consistent storylines. As with the first season, these new tales have an impressive vocal cast, including Michael Dorn, Tim Curry, David Warner, and Sheena Easton.

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