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Professor Dolan (Domingo Soler) is engaged in a battle of wits with Nostradamus (German Robles), a wicked creature of the undead who is related to the famous French prophet of the same name. Nostradamus wants Dolan to use his influence to help clear the name of his besmirched ancestor, but he refuses. The evil vampire pledges to kill innocent people until he gets his way, so he starts sending Dolan letters telling him the names of his next victims and it's up to the good Professor and his youthful friend Anthony (Julio Aleman) to intervene. Though he has a hunchback who watches over his crypt, Nostradamus converts a convict on death row into vampirism as well, giving him another slave to help carry out his diabolical plans. The Professor is on the board of directors for a committee that is fighting superstition in the culture, though his public statements about the existence of vampires are causing his fellow chairmen to question his sanity. When he pleads with the committee to help him fight the menace that is Nostradamus, they scoff and he tenders his resignation with impudence. Soon he joins forces with Igor (Jack Taylor), a mysterious man descended from a long line of vampire slayers who is actually immune to their attacks. Can they stop this army of the undead? Monster Demolisher was originally part of a Mexican horror serial that was dubbed into English and compiled into four feature-length films for American television. Other titles in the series include The Curse of Nostradamus, The Blood of Nostradamus, and Genie of Darkness.

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