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Fiancée Of Dracula While looking for the earthly remains of Count Dracula, a professor and his young assistant are plunged into a parallel universe of darkness and decay. There, they encounter supernatural creatures. Ultimately, the professor's quest leads to a confrontation with the beautiful Isabelle. Possessed by an unspeakable evil force, she has the power to decide his fate. Two Orphan Vampires The legendary Euro-horror director, Jean Rollin, returns to cinema with this spectacular vampire epic. With his signature sexy cinematography, gothic locales and artistic edge, the story of two innocent orphan vampires unfolds. They appear to be helpless blind orphans during the daylight hours, but at night they roam Europe in a spree of blood and death. Central Park Drifter Night brings out the hunger in everyone, especially a mysterious New York cab driver, who happens to be a vampire. Working the night shift brings a sultry array of passengers within his clutches. Embracing those ready to die, he controls a vampire underworld. Unexpectedly, on his nightly rounds he discovers erotic human passion, and unleashes a terrifying evil.

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TSVD0623 Fiancee of Dracula DVD (part of Vampire Triple Feature (also includes Central Park Drifter/Two Orphan Vampires) $19.95 $17.99