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An innocent invitation turns to murder when a famous detective attends a party at an elegant country mansion. Soon the gay and carefree social gathering turns deadly. Gun shots from upstairs reveal that the butler has killed a guest, believing he was an intruder. Next, two mobsters arrive at the mansion and demand money from the family as part of an ongoing blackmail plot. A few hours later, two more bodies are discovered --- both brutally slain. Director Frank Strayer's early career was spent on Poverty Row churning out dozens of low budget dramas, mysteries and horror films which include Condemned to Live, The Ghost Walks, Death from a Distance and the Fay Wray / Lionel Atwill genre classic The Vampire Bat. Later Strayer graduated upward to the majors and is best remembered for a series of Blondie movies made in the 40s.

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ALP4392 Murder At Glen Athol DVD (1932/Irene Ware) $5.99