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In this bloody, action-packed psycho-thriller, death is waiting on a dark road-- but Doug and Lynn Kaine (Ron Silver, Rebecca DeMornay) are ill prepared. When they accidentally kill a policeman who staggers into the path of their truck, the Kaine's decide it's better to hit and run, but unknown to them, one man has witnessed the accident, and he's not ready to forget what he's seen. Days later, Jake Shell (Rutger Hauer) appears on the Kaine's doorstep. He's looking for a job, a home and a whole new life; and he soon drops some heavy hints about a murder he witnessed on a dark road. But it's only when the Kaines hire this darkly ominous stranger that the terror really begins. His bizarre sexual practices take their toll on the Kaine's beautiful young assistant. And as Shell moves closer and deeper into their lives- they soon realize they have only one option. And you can call it self defense... or simply call it murder.

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WAA300898 Blind Side DVD (1993/Rutger Hauer) $19.99