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Anthony Perkins gets a thorough workout in Edge of Sanity, and it looks as if the actor decided to have fun with his wild role. Good decision, because this movie crosses the edge of sanity right away and sails off the cliff. The concept has possibilities: what if Robert Louis Stevenson's fictional Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were implicated in the crimes of Jack the Ripper? Perkins, of course, plays Jekyll as well as the demented "Jack" Hyde, whose nighttime perversions are unusually lurid, even for a serial-killer picture. The movie's utter sleaziness overwhelms whatever promise the original idea had, with no help from the low budget. We're left with the class of Perkins, who incorporates welcome bits of Norman Bates into his role(s). When his eyebrow begins arching and the nervous grin goes quivering, you know Perkins is in his element.

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