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Children escaping from the realities of war find themselves battling evil in an enchanted fantasy world in this made-for-TV drama. During the height of World War II, four children -- Peter (Richard Dempsey), Susan (Sophie Cook), Edmund (Jonathan Scott), and Lucy (Sophie Wilcox) -- are evacuated from London and find themselves staying in a small castle in the country owned by a mysterious professor (Michael Aldridge). While playing in the attic, the kids discover an old wardrobe, and when they walk inside, they're transported to the mythical land of Narnia. In Narnia, the wicked White Witch (Barbara Kellerman) has taken control, and now the nation is in a constant state of winter (and without any Christmas to make the snowy period tolerable). Guided by Aslan (voice of Ailsa Berk), a talking lion, the children set out on a crusade to defeat the White Witch and banish her from Narnia.

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HMVLIO040 Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe VHS (1988/Sophie Cook) $5.99