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An egg turns out to be an infant Godzilla. Trouble is Rodan also thinks it's his baby. Thus starts the biggest baddest custody battle ever. Then UN creation Mechagodzilla steps in and throws everything but the kitchen sink at both of them.

Godzilla must once again fight to protect his island domain (gee, you'd think he'd have installed a security system by now!) in this sci-fi adventure from Japan. While Godzilla has a new adversary in Mogera, a mechanical monster created to keep the Big G at bay, this gigantic robot is no match for Space Godzilla, a mutant alien creature who combines Godzilla's powers with that of the dreaded Biollante. Space Godzilla confronts the traditional, earthbound Godzilla in a battle royal, with Mogera and Little Godzilla on hand to help.

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BRCO43691 Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla II/Godzilla Vs Space Godzilla Blu Ray $19.95 $17.99