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When a baby girl appears on the doorstep of a Parisian apartment belonging to a trio of hedonistic bachelors, baby care is thrust upon them with hilarious and, ultimately, heartwarming results in this 1985 French comedy (with English subtitles) by writer/director Coline Serreau. Pierre, Michel, and Jacques are pleasure-seeking professionals with the singular goal to seduce women in their spare time. When Jacques leaves on a three-week vacation, a mix-up ensues and roommates Pierre and Michel (Roland Giraud and Michel Boujenah, respectively) discover that the "package" Jacques has enlisted them to watch in his absence is a cooing infant in a pink bassinette. With no prior experience and unable to contact Jacques (André Dussollier) to whom the baby was "addressed," they dive into the frenzied fracas of diapers and feeding schedules. Adding insult to insanity, they must fend off drug dealers—and police--interested in another "package." The simple storyline leaves plenty of room for shenanigans—formulaic perhaps, but still irresistible. Rather than a morality play on the recklessness of child abandonment, farcical comedy prevails. Over time, the men are smitten with little Marie who gives them plenty of adorable moments until they can't live without her. The obvious appeal of the story inspired the American remake two years later, though the French version is more compelling, nuanced, and touching. Parents should take note of the PG-13 rating for excessive profanity and sexual content.

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