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Godzilla is back, and this time hes not alone! Godzilla and the spiny monster Anguirus are in a heated battle on a small Japanese island. As the threat of destruction mounts, two Japanese heroes muster their courage for the final showdown with Godzilla.

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DVD contains both the original 1955 Japanese version of the film as well as the 1959 American release dubbed in English. George Takei (Star Trek) and Keye Luke (Charlie Chan, Gremlins) both supplied voices for the English version. The subtitles for the uncut Japanese version were newly produced for this release. Like the recent excellent 2-disc DVD release of the original Gojira, this disc has commentary and featurettes by Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski.

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GEP685680 Gigantis the Fire Monster DVD (1959) $7.93