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From Marvel/Claster, the team behind Transformers and G.I. Joe, comes another action-packed wonder, INHUMANOIDS, which debuted on television in 1986. Long ago, the Inhumanoids (Metlar, Tendril and D'Compose) were defeated by the Mutores (Granites, Redwoods and Magnakor), who imprisoned the Inhumanoids under the Earth's crust until unsuspecting humans dug them up, unleashing their evil. Now, a team of scientists (Armstrong, Bright, Auger and Liquidator) called Earth Corps teams up with the Mutores to take on the Inhumanoids and stop their plans to destroy the planet. Part 1: A preserved dinosaur is discovered in the Big Sur National Forest. The dinosaur is Tendril, a hideous creature buried during ancient times who unleashes his fury with his ally D'Compose. It is up to the Earth Corps team to stop the Inhumanoids. The team hopes to prevent the Inhumanoids from releasing the evil tyrant Metlar. Part 2: The Earth Corps manage to subdue Tendril, but only for a short while. The Corps agree to an alliance with Sandra Shore, who will fund their efforts, but only with some underlying conditions. With the looming threat of Metlar's release, the newly formed Earth Corps go into battle and three members of the team are taken hostage by the creature. 60 Minutes.

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RV970016 Inhumanoids Vol. 1 (1980's animation/Episode "The Evil That Lies Within" Parts 1&2) $13.99