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Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Director: J. S. Robertson Country: U.S. Year: 1920 This first great American horror film follows the transformation of a prominent London physician, Dr. Jeckyll, into the murderous Mr. Hyde while he explores the dual nature of man. U.S. 1920. 84 min. B&W/tinted. Sherlock Holmes Director: Albert Parker Country: U.S. Year: 1922 One of Barrymore's most prestigious early roles, this rarely seen film also presents screen debuts of William Powell & Roland Young. When a young prince is accused of a crime that could embroil him in international scandal, debonair supersleuth Sherlock Holmes comes to his aid, and quickly discovers that behind the incident lurks a criminal mastermind eager to reduce Western civilization to anarchy. Beloved Rogue Director: Alan Crosland Country: U.S. Year: 1927 A rich historical romance starring John Barrymore as poet Frances Villon who battles against nasty King Louis the XI in 17th Century France. Coming to DVD July 7, 2009 Tempest Director: Sam Taylor Country: U.S. Year: 1928 An epic romance set in Russia during the final days of the Tsarist autocracy, Barrymore stars as Sgt. Ivan Markov, a dedicated soldier who defies the rigid class system to receive an officer's commission. But even as he rises through the ranks of military and society, he must contend with resentment from the aristocratic officers-including the monocled Ullrich Haupt, who delivers a sinister performance worthy of Erich von Stroheim, himself an uncredited screenwriter on the project. Piano score by William P. Perry.

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