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A Slave of Love Director: Nikita Mikhalkov Country: Russia | USSR Year: 1976 While awaiting the arrival of her missing co-star husband on the set of a Russian film, silent film diva Olga becomes enmeshed in a romance with handsome young cameraman Pototsky. But what begins as a casual dalliance becomes an awakening as Olgaís lover reveals his true allegiance. Five Evenings Director: Nikita Mikhalkov Country: Russia | USSR Year: 1979 During a brief visit to late 50ís Moscow, Alexander Volodin rings the bell at a threshold he hasnít crossed since before the war. Wistful nostalgia collides with kitchen-sink reality when the dawning love Alexander left behind 17 years before, answers the door. Reunited, the couple struggles to rekindle a still gestating romance with neither the mature bond of trust nor the blind hope of youth to guide them. Oblomov Director: Nikita Mikhalkov Country: Russia | USSR Year: 1980 Based upon the classic novel by Ivan Goncharov, Oblomov follows the travails of I. I. Oblomov, a good-natured and indolent elite landowner with the mind of a reasonable man and the ambition of a giant slug. Without Witness Director: Nikita Mikhalkov Country: Russia | USSR Year: 1984 While watching TV at home alone, a woman receives a visit from her now remarried ex-husband. But as banalities about old friends, old times, and their absent teenage son give way to increasingly confrontational verbal barbs, the threadbare camouflage of hospitality and cheap nostalgia masking the coupleís raw wounds and harsh agendas is ripped away. Burnt by the Sun Director: Nikita Mikhalkov Country: Russia | USSR Year: 1994 Winner of the 1994 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, it is the powerful story of a Soviet hero whose family is suddenly targeted by Stalin's secret police. A colonel's summer in the country with his daughter and in-laws turns into an indelible account of a man's political paranoia.

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