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Seeking revenge against the owners of an airplane factory who stole his top secret invention, a mysterious pilot known only as The Eagle begins a campaign of death and destruction. His attacks are always foreshadowed by ominous threats delivered in the form of skywriting. Prime suspect, carnival owner Nathan Gregory enlists the help of stunt pilot Craig McCoy in hunting down the aerial terrorist before he can strike again. Before Stagecoach made him an A-list star in 1939, John Wayne honed his craft in dozens of Poverty Row features and cliff-hangers. The Shadow of the Eagle marks the first of three serials that The Duke would star in during the early years of his career, all of them for Mascot. Veteran film-maker Ford Beebe is best known for directing many highly successful serials, including Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (1938), Buck Rogers (1939) and The Green Hornet (1940).

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ALP5399 Shadow Of The Eagle DVD (1932 serial/John Wayne) $5.99