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John Howard returns as Bulldog Drummond in this fourth entry in the popular series. Along with his trusty companion Algy Longworth and his fiancee Phyllis Clavering, Bulldog makes the grizzly discovery of a severed arm with a briefcase full of explosives attached to it. Conspirators, including the dastardly Draven Nogais (Frank Puglia), have stolen the explosive formula and are enroute to Paris with Bulldog and team hot on their tail. John Barrymore returns as Col. Neilson, with E.E. Clive as Bulldog's faithful servant. Louise Campbell is the long-suffering Phyllis in this fast-paced, humorous action-thriller!

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ALP4167 Bulldog Drummond's Revenge DVD (1937/John Barrymore) $5.99