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Writer-director Lawrence Malkin's thriller Five Fingers casts Ryan Philippe as Martijn, a gifted Dutch jazz pianist who flies to Morocco to set up a food assistance program. On Middle Eastern soil, however, he and his security person, Gavin (portrayed by Colm Meaney) are promptly kidnapped by terrorists, dragged to a warehouse, chained down and blindfolded. The captors promptly kill Gavin and then begin systematic attempts to extract information from the pianist (about where he obtained the money to set up the program) - by cutting off his fingers one at a time. Martijn insists on his own ignorance, though in time it becomes clear that all is not what it seems.

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Special Features * Closed Caption * Trivia Track * Endgame: Inside Five Fingers

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LGE25311 Five Fingers DVD (2006/Laurence Fishburne) $14.98