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Wounded and bleeding, Sir Lancelot delivers a death-blow to Sir Dorjak, winning the trial-by-combat for Arthur, his noble king. Arthur's prize is the hand of the beautiful princess Guinevere. Lancelot escorts the fair maiden back to Camelot for her wedding and, despite their best efforts to halt their forbidden feelings, the two fall in love. Arthur and Guinevere are wed and all of Camelot rejoices. But the secret love simmering between the Queen and Lancelot bursts into flames, with tragic consequences for the legendary kingdom. Sword of Lancelot stars Cornel Wilde along with his second wife, Jean Wallace. Fencing instructor Wilde got his start when Laurence Olivier gave him a role in his 1940 Broadway production of Romeo And Juliet. Wilde's subsequent successful career in Hollywood included highly regarded film noir classics Leave Her To Heaven (1945), Road House (1948) and Shockproof (1949) culminating with The Naked Prey (1966), in which he produced, directed and starred.

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ALP6323 Sword Of Lancelot DVD (1963/Cornel Wilde) $5.99