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This south seas adventure is a classic example of low-budget filmmaking in action. Acclaimed Director Edgar G. Ulmer uses miniatures, rear-projection, and stock footage to give the illusion of on-location lavishness to this largely set-bound, low-budget affair, and the results are rewarding, for the right viewer. Brawling deep-sea divers Clancy (John Carradine) and Burke (Frank Fenton) find adventure while whetting their whistles at a club called "The Isle of Forgotten Sins." The proprietor, Marge (Gale Sondergaard), is Clancy's sweetheart, and when a shooting brings the police into her place, she and the girls sail off with Clancy and Burke on an adventure that involves robbing Krogan (Sidney Toler) and Johnny Pacific (Rock Vallin) of $3 million in gold. There's lots of swimming, deep-sea diving, and double-crossing, as everyone is out to claim the gold for themselves, and even pals Burke and Clancy can't stop fighting for five minutes. If all this wasn't enough, a big monsoon is headed their way, ready to wash the whole lot of them out to sea. It's great to see Carradine and Sondergaard, two veterans villains, here given the chance to be heroic, earthy sweethearts. This forgotten gem is worth uncovering for Ulmer fans, and those interested in obscure cinema.

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ALP4193 Monsoon DVD (1943/John Carradine) $5.99