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Myrna Loy is merely the bridesmaid while Rosalind Russell assumes the bridal honors to partner with Myrna's former flame Walter Pidgeon on this occasion. But perennial screen wife Myrna is not one to take also-ran status without many a brittle barb - or a strategy to turn the tables. Man-Proof puts star power to the test - with Myrna's newspaper colleague/confessor Franchot Tone as the fourth headliner - and passes with flying colors, answering the burning question: Can ex-lovers separated by wedlock move on and just be friends? With smart talk and bubbly charm, it also answers another: Can good friends resist when their true romantic feelings make them slip on the same old banana peel? It's a delicate tightrope to walk, yet Myrna knows (or thinks she does) what she wants. However, when she gets it - along with a bittersweet dose of the truth - will she still want it? Playing characters who resolutely don't know love when they see it, these sublimely skilled actors make this tangled seriocomic web a tantalizing treat.

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WAA569558 Man-Proof DVD (1938/Myrna Loy/Rosalind Russell) $21.99