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That sarsaparilla drinkin', guitar strummin' cowboy crooner Tex Ritter is back in White Flash's saddle for this shoot-'em-up adventure. Tex Martin (Ritter) and his sidekick Stubby (Horace Murphy) are peacefully roaming the range when they discover Tom Wilson (Lafe McKee) brutally shot and mortally wounded. Tom informs his friend Tex that the merciless Masked Riders have stolen his deed to the Four-Star mine. Determined to avenge Tom's murder, he rides into town and encounters the saloon boss, Norton (Forrest Taylor), and his strongarm varmint Blackie Devlin (Charles King), who force Tex into a no-holds-barred barroom brawl. Tex soon learns that these villains are behind the Masked Riders' pillaging terror and sets out to foil their plans by infiltrating the gang as a hooded-costumed member! The Mystery of the Hooded Horseman is a fine example of the many Tex Ritter westerns that were produced by Edward Finney. The unbridled gunfights and galloping action sequences effectively contrast the placid, easygoing charm of Ritter's personality and singing.

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ALP6140 Mystery of the Hooded Horseman DVD (1937/Tex Ritter) $5.99