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D.W. Griffith's penchant for Victorian melodrama reached its height of expression in WAY DOWN EAST. First performed in 1898, Lottie Blair Parker's play was one of the most successful stageworks ever written, a theatrical chestnut, heavy with sentiment, that cried out for the touch of the master. Griffith captured the appeal of Parker's original, while embossing it with devices borrowed from other popular melodramas, such as the climactic chase across an ice floe (inspired by stage adaptations of Uncle Tom's Cabin). Lillian Gish stars as a small-town girl who is seduced, impregnated, and cast aside by Lennox Sanderson, a wealthy playboy (Lowell Sherman). To escape the shame of having a fatherless child, Anna changes her name and starts a new life in a small farming community, where she meets David, an icon of male virtue and decency (Richard Barthelmess). Their delicate happiness is threatened when Lennox arrives in town, and word of Anna's unsavory past begins to spread.

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Special Features Mastered in HD from the Museum of Modern Art's 35mm restoration, with original color tints Score compiled from historic photoplay music, performed by The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra (2.0 Stereo) Notes on Lottie Blair Parker's original play Photos of William Brady's 1903 stage version Film Clip: The ice floe sequence of the Edison Studio's production of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN Image gallery, including the original souvenir program book Notes on the preparation of the music score

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