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Episode highlights: "Hookman" - the season premier with an engaging story about an assassin with hooks for hands. Jay J. Armes, an actual "handicapped" actor is fine in the part with no dialogue, "speaking" by his actions. The installment won an Emmy for composer Morton Stevens. "Draw Me a Killer" - a thriller with Elliott Street as a disturbed young man with a fixation for a comic book character who he perceives to be constantly in danger. He eliminates those who he feels is a threat to her. The installment features another fine score from Stevens. "One Big Happy Family" - Slim Pickens heads a murderous quintet who when down on funds resorts to deceit and murder. Stevens scores again, in more ways than one. "Murder is a Taxing Affair" - Don Porter is a tax man who resorts to murder to get his "return." "The Finishing Touch" - George Voskovec as police ally who hides the fact the he is behind the forging of some bank certificates. The episode has a great score from Bruce Broughton. "Bonzai Pipeline" - A tale of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the ensuing tragedy that befalls the innocent, the episode stars future "Riptide" star Perry King and future TV Spiderman Nicholas Hammond as brothers. "Secret Witness" - Similar in theme as "Bonzai," Mark Jenkins witnesses a mob hit, placing him and his family in jeopardy with the criminals. A pre-"Laverne and Shirley" Cindy Williams plays the wife. "One Born Every Minute" - Ed Flanders is a con man with no sympathy for his victims and Michael Stong guests as one the "marks." "Nightmare in Blue" - Future "Dallas" star John Beck is a former cop with serious mental issues, resorting to rape and murder. "Death with Father" - A young Peter Strauss plays the criminal son of police veteran Andrew Duggan. This show demonstrates to what lengths a "good" man will go to protect his "bad" son.

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