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Ruthless swindler Ernest Moore uses his phony Patriot League to gain the trust of local ranchers. The gullible are tricked into selling their property to him; the skeptical are killed and the land is stolen. Moore's goal is to control the entire territory to gain possession of what lies beneath - an incredibly rich vein of tin ore. The largest deposit runs under the spread owned by Sam Adams. He's holding out against Moore's pressure, suspecting that the pious patriot is linked to the recent murders. Adams sends for his old friend, Marshal Tim Rand, who must use his detective skills to bring Moore to justice. War hero and cowboy star Tim McCoy brings an authentic aura of real Western grit to the screen as Marshal Tim Rand. His skill with guns, ropes and horses came through clearly on the big screen and made him one of the most popular western heroes of his time.

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ALP5784 Texas Marshal DVD (1941/Tim McCoy) $5.99