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Filmmaker James Tuchschmidt explores the universal human experience of falling in love from a perspective that's been known to cause controversy in this documentary examining the intimate lives of five gay male couples from Oregon. Everyone knows the scenario: two people meet and fall in love, followed by a brief courtship, then marriage, a house, and perhaps a child or two. For most folks this is the framework for a lifetime of happiness, but why do some people get so upset when the people falling in love are of the same gender and why shouldn't they have the same rights that the rest of us do when it comes to declaring your love for the one you hold dearest? Their sexual preferences may be different than that of your typical heterosexual, but don't gay people fall in love for the same reasons that straight people do? In this film, Tuchschmidt examines the intense emotional debate that made the topic of gay marriage such a hot-button issue by talking to five gay couples about the trials they face on an everyday basis.

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