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Jack Hoxie was as popular as Hoot Gibson during the heyday of Universal Studios' silent westerns. Trouble Busters and Law and Lawless, both produced in the early Thirties at the dawn of the sound film era, marked the final chapters of Hoxie's screen career. Although he starred in over a hundred silent movies (mostly westerns) in the 1920s, the advent of sound was unforgiving to the very physical actor whose line-reading talent paled beside his champion horsemanship. Trouble Busters (1933, B&W): Store owner Dan Allen denies Tex Blain credit, so Tex decides to teach the gout-ridden grump a lesson, dressing up as a ghostly outlaw. During his prank he meets Dan's beautiful niece Mary Ann, a rancher, and he falls in love. After the sheriff runs him out of town, Tex unknowingly joins a rival ranch, one at war with Mary Ann over land oil rights. Starring Jack Hoxie, Lane Chandler, Kaye Edwards; Directed by Lewis D. Collins. Law and Lawless (1932, B&W): Ranchers and homesteaders are fleeing their lands, unable to fight off raids by thugs from the Daggett ranch. Gunfighter "Montana" and his pal Poncho rescue a runaway carriage transporting Mr. Lopez and his lovely daughter Rosita. Since Lopez's ranch is under attack, Montana is hired to provide protection. Enraged by Montana's decision, Daggett marks the gunslinger for death. Starring Jack Hoxie, Hilda Moreno, Yakima Canutt; Directed by Armand Schaefer.

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