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The moment Village of the Giants opens, with sensual shots of slow-motion frugging, we know we've happened upon some Bad Teens. In search of kicks, the Bad Teens head into the village of Hainesville, populated by Good Teens, most of whom seem to be in their early 30s. The fun begins when a lovable tyke named Genius (an 11-year-old Ron Howard, by far the most assured actor in the cast) whips up some "goo," which makes anything that eats it grow really big and develop a rakish disregard for scale. Soon these wild Bad Teens, led by a deeply embarrassed Beau Bridges and wearing their rebellious cardigans and Sansabelt pants, get their hands on the stuff. They take over the town and celebrate with some giant slow-motion dancing, complete with lots and lots of footage of giant slow-motion cleavage to make sure we've taken in the full horror of the situation. There is not one disappointing moment in this entire movie: Just when you think it can't possibly get any more ludicrous, it comes through and surprises you with a giant spider in the basement or a plan to distract the teens with yet more sexy dancing. Absolutely not to be missed.

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