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Human brain transplants and blood-soaked operations highlight this saga filled with blood, shock, and sheer fright, featuring mad doctor antics, an evil dwarf ("Freaks'" Angelo Rossitto), and a pure gold drive-in cast including Kent Taylor (The Mighty Gorga), Grant Williams (The Incredible Shrinking Man), Regina Carrol (Dracula vs. Frankenstein), and Vicki Volante (Horror of the Blood Monsters). Inspired by the wildly popular success of the "Blood Island" series, this follow up (shot in Hollywood) follows the tradition of those Philippine favorites with cult filmmakers Al Adamson and Sam Sherman bringing you an unforgettable whirlpool of horror featuring a deformed and lumbering monster, a basement filled with chained women, and an entire country trapped in this horrific struggle!

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Special Features * Interview Documentary with Director Eddie Romero * Theatrical Trailers for "Beast of Blood," "Mad Doctor of Blood Island," "Brides of Blood," "Brain of Blood," "Blood of the Vampires," "The Blood Drinkers," "Horror of the Blood Monsters," "Raiders of the Living Dead" and "Curse of the Vampires" * "Blood Island" Image Gallery * Illustrated Liner Notes by Jim Arena * Rarely-Seen "House of Terror" Live Horror Show Promo

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