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Foreign operatives are bent on getting their hands on a revolutionary new plane, and government agent James Madison is dispatched to foil their scheme. Conspirators Otto Lieberman and Bruce Lane have taken an interest in the plans for a new aircraft patented by Henry Gregory, and are attempting to invest in the manufacturing of Gregory's design. Madison goes undercover as Gregory's business partner, and makes a play at figuring out Lane and Lieberman's game. The hunter becomes the hunted, though, when Madison's deception is uncovered. Lieberman secretly switches one of the G-man's prescription pills with a cyanide replacement. Seductress Rita Bennett is the only other person aware of Madison's unwitting game of Russian Roulette, but will she warn him before he swallows the poisoned pill? Federal Fugitives is notable for its place in the resume of the prolific William Beaudine. With hundreds of films to his credit, Beaudine spent the early portion of his long career as one of Hollywood's busiest directors. By the 1940s, Beaudine was left to employ his "no nonsense" techniques at various poverty row studios, where he continued to thrive. Beaudine was at the helm of exploitation classic Mom and Dad, as well as Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter and Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla.

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