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Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders return to hit the frontier trail in this exciting Roy Rogers vehicle, the first Rogers movie produced and directed by Joseph Kane. Roy stars as a veteran of the Spanish American War who joins the Texas Patrol with several of his Rough Rider buddies. The group immediately clashes with the villainous Arizona (William Pawley), whose gang robs stagecoaches and the local prospectors of their hard-earned gold. With the help of his Rough Riders and especially his grizzled sidekick Rusty (Raymond Hatton), Roy attempts to rid the range of the outlaw band. Former silent star Dorothy Sebastian makes a comeback in this picture. The other leading lady is Rogers regular Mary Hart (who is serenaded by Roy with "Here on the Range With You" and gives him a handshake instead of a kiss at the film's end).

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ALP4010 Rough Riders Round Up DVD (1939/Roy Rogers) $5.99