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Disc One: BLACKOUT: In this tight little crime film directed by Robert S. Baker, a blind man's (Maxwell Reed) sight is restored in time to solve the mystery of his girl friend's dead (or is he?) brother and a gang of smugglers. 73 minutes/ B&W/ 1.33:1/ NR/ 1950 HOME TO DANGER: A drug dealer tries to kill dead partnerís daughter when she inherits an old house. 66 minutes/ B&W/ 1.33:1/ NR/ 1951 MEET MR. CALLAGHAN: Based on a Peter Cheyney novel, Slim Callaghan (De Marney), is required to solve the death of a much hated rich man. 88 minutes/ B&W/ 1.33:1/ NR/ 1954 Disc Two: BOND OF FEAR: A man and his family on a caravan holiday in France are taken hostage by an escaped convict (John Colicos). 72 minutes/ B&W/ 1.33:1/ NR/ 1956 NO TRACE: Crime novelist (Hugh Sinclair) kills blackmailer and pretends to help police. 75 minutes/ B&W/ 1.33:1/ NR/ 1950 RECOIL: Jean Talbot poses as a crook to infiltrate the gang who killed her father. 79 minutes/ B&W/ 1.33:1/ NR/ 1953 TRT: 453 mins.

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UE8558 British Cinema Renown Pictures Crime & Noir DVD Collection (Blackout, Bond of Fear, Home To Danger, Meet Mr. Callaghan, No Trace, Recoil) $29.99 $26.99